Shiloh's Legacy: Animal Wellness

We have long championed animal rescue, and after losing our Golden Retriever, Shiloh, to an aggressive case of Lymphoma, we're  broadening our work to further animal health and wellness. #ShilohsLegacy

Help fund our college scholarships!

Help support our scholarships and paid internships, benefitting disadvantaged youth! Launching in 2022! Learn about the program here.

We're here for Hunger + Crisis Relief!

With a 2021 focus on hunger-related issues, we're ready for when disaster strikes. In 2020, we supported hunger relief, frontline workers, and wildfire support. Help us build up our relief fund to serve others in times of crisis!

Experience Corps: Helping 300 kids learn to read!

We're back for year two! Helping 300 kids learn to read by pairing a senior citizen tutor/mentor with a child who needs help!

This program helps with social connectedness for seniors, and works to eliminate illiteracy!

caregiving program 300

Alzheimer's / Dementia

We support organizations conducting the research, providing education, advocating, and supporting the family caregivers.

shiloh golden hair 300

Animal HEALTH, Wellness, & Rescue

Our foundation is committed to supporting reputable rescue organizations to give as many animals as possible a chance for a loving home and life.

literacy program 300


The foundation to living one's best life, literacy is at the core of what we stand for. Reading, food, or artistic literacy, we want to provide the platform for growth and opportunity!

feeding america soup kitchen


With a 2021 focus on hunger relief, we also support crisis relief efforts around COVID-19, hurricane relief, wildfires, and other disasters.


Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

Mar 1 2022

Union League Boys & Girls Clubs: Project notes + updates

We’re thrilled to support the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, enabling all young people, especially those who need them most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The ULBGC is committed to developing and inspiring the next generation of American leaders, with programming falling into these core program areas: academic success,…


HFC is grateful for the support of The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation. Our combined efforts will bring us a long way toward kicking Alzheimer's in the ballzheimer's.

Seth Rogen
Actor, HFC Co-founder

"With this ambitious project, I am thrilled to have The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation as a part of the PLAY ON team. We are grateful for Todd and Stephanie's full support and we hope that you'll partner with us!"

Kevin Bacon
Actor, Musician, Philanthropist

I’m so grateful to Todd and Stephanie for supporting the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. I’m thrilled that they have joined the movement to help wipe out Alzheimer’s once and for all. Thank you in advance for teaming up with Todd and Stephanie to support WAM’s education and research programs!

Maria Shriver
Founder, Women's Alzheimer's Movement

"Thank you for embracing our efforts to help young children enhance their overall academic success and life potential and ultimately, to realize their dreams. Your commitment is deeply appreciated. It inspires us to continue our work."

Kristi Yamaguchi
Philanthropist and Olympic Gold Medalist

"Best of luck with all the good work you are doing."

Lisa Jakub
Writer, yoga teacher, and former actress

"So thrilled that you're leaning into the work of making things better."

Seth Godin
Best-selling author

"Thank you so much again! You guys did an amazing job for us and for Bheem (the puppy)! We are so grateful and you guys are amazing for doing this! So thank you thank you!"

Ashley Feck
Animal House Shelter, Huntley, IL

Thank you for your generous gift. In these uncertain times, it's heartwarming to know that you stand with everyone who relies on Chicago Public Library's spaces, services, and programming to learn, grow, play, and connect. Now that branches are open again, these services are more essential than ever before. I thank you for standing with us as we welcome everyone back to rebuild their lives and our communities.

Brenda Langstraat

"Thank you so much for choosing to support our foundation and our efforts to support our first responders during these trying times."

Logan Allison
Gary Sinise Foundation

You two are wonderful human beings who I feel blessed to know.  Thank you for what you do to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and the many other important causes you feature on the Foundation Podcast.

Erin Mulcahy Stein
Executive Director, Women's Alzheimer's Movement

Thank you. Once again, your support of AARP Foundation's Experience Corps will help guide the next generation of readers and close the achievement gap to ensure even the neediest children have an equal chance of success.

Franklin Guererro
Vice President, AARP Foundation

The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation's incredible generosity this year makes it possible for the zoo to continue to respond to the unforeseen challenges posed by the pandemic with flexibility and innovation.

Kevin J. Bell
President and CEO, Lincoln Park Zoo

"We are so grateful for your support of our relief efforts. These wildfires have caused so much devastation and displaced countless people and animals in the western United States. Your support goes a long way."

Whether or not we have visitors, we have more than 800 animals that rely on us each day. Caring for them is our top priority. We thank you and the Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation for your support of Lincoln Park Zoo this year, especially during this challenging time.

Kelly McCready
Lincoln Park Zoo

You guys ROCK! Congrats on all you are doing! Very impressive and you are putting a lot of good out there into the world!!!

Amy Goyer
AARP's Family & Caregiving Expert

Thank you for sponsoring Brain It On so generously. Your gift helped us provide brain health educational content to thousands of viewers!

Bonnie Wattles
Executive Director, HFC

Our Mission

We are building awareness, raising financial resources, and advocating for causes we care deeply about, including (and not limited to) supporting dementia/Alzheimer's issues, literacy, animal rescue, and crisis relief. We are a Chicago-based foundation, but together we will act globally.
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Crisis Relief


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