Success with our COVID-19 response!

Thanks to our generous supporters and donors we raised $1,127.50 for Feeding America‘s COVID-19 Response Fund in just four days! The Schnick Family Foundation has matched this with a $1,000 grant, for a total of $2,127.50 going to Feeding America.

This money will provide much-needed food and necessities such as cleaning supplies, personal care products, and diapers for those in need across the country.

We did it! Thank you!

Bheem The Puppy lost his front paws in a train accident. We were able to raise $5,600 to fund two critical surgeries for him. Despite his disability, he's a sweet + happy puppy, and together, we helped get him back on his "feet!" Thank you!

Support tutoring in a low-income elementary school!

We're partnered with AARP Foundation's Experience Corps program, pairing senior citizens and students with reading deficiencies. We're raising funds to sponsor Charles Darwin Elementary on the west side of Chicago.

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Dementia Caregivers

We know the challenges facing the caregivers and families of dementia patients, and we provide them with support in a number of ways.

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Animal Rescue

Our foundation is committed to supporting reputable rescue organizations to give as many animals as possible a chance for a loving home and life.

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We support a number of programs that advance literacy including children's meals and nutrition, summer reading programs, and book drives and donations.


Gregary Brown

Apr 1 2020

Experience Corps’ Gregary Brown on the Foundation Podcast

Very pleased to welcome Mr. Gregary Brown to the podcast. Greg is the Executive Director of the AARP Foundation’s Experience Corps Chicago office. I’ve had the pleasure to meet with Greg a few times now, including touring a local elementary school involved in his program. You are going to enjoy spending a little time with…



"Thank you so much again! You guys did an amazing job for us and for Bheem (the puppy)! We are so grateful and you guys are amazing for doing this! So thank you thank you!"

Ashley Feck
Animal House Shelter, Huntley, IL

"Thank you for your initiative and commitment."

Janea Boyles

"Todd and Stephanie Schnick have created this foundation to serve the very things they are passionate about...Alzheimer's, animals, and education, by working to make all lives better!"

Sissy Long

"Love what Todd & Stephanie Schnick are doing to benefit families facing Alzheimer’s."

Rayanne Thorn Krueger

"Looking forward to see all the incredible work this family foundation will support. They have hearts of gold and will do amazing things!!"

Mary Lynn Ulch

"They are very thoughtful and caring people."

Judith Rokop

Our Mission

We are building awareness, raising financial resources, and advocating for causes we care deeply about, including (and not limited to) supporting dementia caregivers and families, literacy, and animal rescue. We are a Chicago-based foundation, but together we will act globally.


Dementia Caregivers + Families


Animal Rescue




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