#ChicagoStrong: Our campaign for Chicago’s future!

Chicago Strong

This campaign has its roots in several places, but if I’m being honest, it comes from a deep frustration with how our fine city is portrayed in the national news. There’s no sugarcoating that Chicago has challenges: crime, budgetary issues from generations of political financial mismanagement, and severe economic distress from the COVID-19 pandemic and…

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Kristi Yamaguchi: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Kristi Yamaguchi

You know about Kristi Yamaguchi’s Olympic gold medal. You know about her winning Dancing With The Stars. But you’ll soon know all about her Always Dream Foundation too! You’ll also learn some of her gold medal winning strategies for thriving in today’s challenging times! Enjoy! Notes + Discussion Guide: – Kristi Yamaguchi’s background and story:…

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You can now create a fundraiser for The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation!

The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation can now be found in Facebook’s portfolio of non-profit organizations, which means that anyone can create a fundraiser. Facebook does not charge a fee for this service, so 100% of donations collected go straight to the foundation. And, because The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization,…

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