Stunting: The First One Thousand Days


After donating roughly $14,000 towards hunger relief efforts in 2020, I realized I didn’t know enough about this issue, understood the real scope of the problem, or grasped the true roadblocks that make solving food insecurity difficult. My goal this year is to dive into learning and understanding more about the issue. As to our…

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Art delaCruz: Crossing the Team Rubicon of Service to Mankind

Team Rubicon

Art delaCruz, president and chief operating officer of Team Rubicon, talks mission, service, and espirit de corps of the more than 137,000 volunteers who have bravely gone into countless disaster areas and helped their fellow mankind prepare, recover, and rebuild. Notes + Discussion Guide: – Art’s background – History of Team Rubicon (and name origin)…

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One thing you should do in crazy times

As of this writing, we are living in crazy, crazy times: Economic distress, a raging and never-ending pandemic, venomous political polarization, and rampant out-of-control media fanning the flames. It is enough to drive pure desperation, hopelessness, and anger. You are left feeling like there is no viable path forward to a normal, happy life. But…

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