Art delaCruz: Crossing the Team Rubicon of Service to Mankind

Team Rubicon

Art delaCruz, president and chief operating officer of Team Rubicon, talks mission, service, and espirit de corps of the more than 137,000 volunteers who have bravely gone into countless disaster areas and helped their fellow mankind prepare, recover, and rebuild.

Notes + Discussion Guide:

– Art’s background

– History of Team Rubicon (and name origin)

– Talk about what you do, and how you do it. Mission + purpose.

– The magic behind this must be the “espirit de corps” of the team, right?

– How do you determine the projects Team Rubicon supports? And once you identify a crisis, what logistical questions have to be dealt with?

– How closely do you work with others on the ground, as well as the local jurisdictions?

– How long are you engaged in a project?

– To wear the gray shirt, how do you qualify and apply; what is the training; and is there a long-term commitment? And can civilians be a part of this?

– 137,000 volunteers as of this taping!

– Talk about why retired military personnel are so perfect for this work!

– Are there ways people like me can support what you do?

– What is the long-term future/vision for Team Rubicon?

About Art delaCruz:

Art served honorably for over 22 years in the United States Navy and enjoyed a career that included a broad range of assignments.  Art commanded a Navy strike-fighter squadron, spent one year with McKinsey & Co. as a Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow, served as a Topgun instructor, and made six combat deployments.  After retiring, he spent two and a half years in the aerospace and defense sector in the roles of business development and strategy and planning.  He maintains a honed “quick reaction” capability by attempting to keep up with his wife, four kids, golden retriever, and labrador retriever puppy.