Partnering with the AARP Foundation’s Experience Corps program!

January 16, 2020

CLICK HERE to support this campaign! When trying to have an impact on the world, it’s a wonderful thing when you can “kill two birds with one stone.” We’ve chosen to support the AARP Foundation Experience Corps which connects older adults to their communities by helping struggling young students improve their reading skills. This program…

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Help Bheem the Puppy Walk Again!

January 12, 2020

We are proud to announce a new fundraising campaign to provide medical care for Bheem the Puppy! In Hindi, Bheem means “mighty,” and that he is! Bheem has had a heartbreaking, gut wrenching beginning. He lost both of his front paws after being run over by a train at the tender age of just eight weeks while living on the…

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5 Ways to Regulate Sleep in Severe Dementia

January 9, 2020

People with severe dementia sometimes begin to sleep more by day, only to awaken at night. The day-night mix-ups can disrupt an entire household. Some tactics to cope: 1. Always mention changing sleep habits to the doctor. You want to rule out causes other than the progression of dementia (such an infection or depression), since…

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Do the good right in front of you

December 16, 2019

I’m exhausted…for I’ve spent days trying to comprehend what’s happening globally, let alone what’s happening nationally. I can’t keep up with the latest news…elections here, wars there, protests “against” here, rallies “in support” there, economic miracles here, genocidal disasters there. It’s all too much. And it never ends. Oh, my news apps and all the…

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