Mental health checklist

mental health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices (from Below are my personal, quirky hacks for how I work to improve my mental health, clarity, and my focus. These work for me,…

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Philosophy notes


What is philosophy? Well, according to the FSU Department of Philosophy, it is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other. Here follows some observations, thoughts, and quotes; sort of my personal notes and reference material…

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Social media free…free to focus on my work

social media free

I’ve long wanted to be social media free…less reliant and less connected to technology, wanting to spend less time staring at screens. And I’ve finally done it! I quit Twitter back in 2019. I’ve quit LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram in 2021 (although Stephanie still maintains the foundation’s Facebook account). They dragged me on Twitter. I…

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Journaling/Morning Pages: Notes + observations


This year, I’ve started my morning journaling practice, or what some folks call doing their “morning pages.” I’ve read for years about the benefits of this practice, and as an (amateur) historian, I have observed countless subjects of history that kept a journal or diary, which was ultimately the basis for their own history/biography. (Maybe…

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“Act without expectations.”

Lao Tzu

Act without expectations. Lao Tzu I wrote the following in my journal just yesterday. I had seen this Lao Tzu quote on Instagram (shown above), and a realization about my mindset smacked me upside the head: “”Act without expectations.” From Lao Tzu. I think I’ve spent my entire life expecting a return from doing things…

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One thing you should do in crazy times

As of this writing, we are living in crazy, crazy times: Economic distress, a raging and never-ending pandemic, venomous political polarization, and rampant out-of-control media fanning the flames. It is enough to drive pure desperation, hopelessness, and anger. You are left feeling like there is no viable path forward to a normal, happy life. But…

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Is 2020 the best year of my life?


I’m tiring of the endless chatter about how awful the year 2020 is. To the latest negative news that’s reported, someone inevitably responds with “Cuz 2020.” The amount of online dialog about how lousy this year has been is staggering. With every passing day, there seems to be some new low that only reconfirms how…

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Kevin Kelly: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Kevin Kelly

As per usual, Kevin Kelly blows my mind, and makes me completely rethink things. Tim Ferriss once called him the true “world’s most interesting man.” He is not wrong. Learn more about Kevin Kelly here. Notes, Discussion Guide, Highlights: – Packager of ideas vs. being a futurist – “You must predict the present…” – “Look…

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Peter Bregman: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman joins the show to share one simple strategy that will radically improve your productivity and focus, once and for all. Peter is an executive coach, best-selling author, and founder + CEO of Bregman Partners. Notes + Discussion Guide: – One morning, I stumbled upon a Peter Bregman article in the Harvard Business Review…

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Kristi Yamaguchi: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Kristi Yamaguchi

You know about Kristi Yamaguchi’s Olympic gold medal. You know about her winning Dancing With The Stars. But you’ll soon know all about her Always Dream Foundation too! You’ll also learn some of her gold medal winning strategies for thriving in today’s challenging times! Enjoy! Notes + Discussion Guide: – Kristi Yamaguchi’s background and story:…

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