Lincoln Park Zoo: Project notes + updates

Lincoln Park Zoo

As part of our #AnimalRescue and #ChicagoStrong programming, we are joyfully supporting Lincoln Park Zoo! The zoo is a wonderful place, filled with memories from childhood and the early days from our current time in Chicago. It’s simply a thrill to support this place. But then, when you learn about the amazing work that goes…

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End Hunger / Project notes + updates

End Hunger

A drive to end hunger was not top of mind when we launched this foundation, but the economic struggles and challenges resulting from the global pandemic, and then a chance partnership with Kevin Bacon, changed everything for us! Our focus on hunger ranges on local challenges in our beloved Chicago to a global understanding of…

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Animal Rescue / Project notes + updates

animal rescue

Animal rescue has been at the forefront of our mission + purpose since day one of this foundation. What has been exciting is to see how our focus has evolved! Out of the gate, we were about rescuing dogs, having rescued several dogs ourselves (that’s our Lily above). But over time, especially with our work…

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Union League Boys & Girls Clubs: Project notes + updates

Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

We’re thrilled to support the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, enabling all young people, especially those who need them most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The ULBGC is committed to developing and inspiring the next generation of American leaders, with programming falling into these core program areas: academic success,…

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Operation Fierce Kindness: Our 2021 projects (regularly updated)

What follows is our evolving project list for calendar year 2021, otherwise known as Operation Fierce Kindness. These projects are centered around our four foundational pillars: literacy, dementia/Alzheimer’s, animal rescue, and crisis relief, as well as our #ChicagoStrong program (of which several of these projects will overlap). This post will update as projects are added,…

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Power Of Music / Project Notes + Updates

power of music

Aren’t many things better than the power of music…especially when music is used to inspire change and build community. And when that happens, it’s magical. Artistic literacy is something we strongly believe in. There are many variants of literacy, but when people are artistically literate, the world is a better place. Painting, poetry, the written…

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Shedd Aquarium: Project notes + updates

Shedd Aquarium

We are thrilled to partner with, and support, Shedd Aquarium! Go here to learn more about this amazing place! Like you, I use to think a place like this was about dolphin shows and a bunch of really cool-looking fish in large tanks. But as I’ve truly gotten to know this place and its people,…

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We’re co-sponsoring Brain It On 2021!

Brain It On

We’re excited to announce that we are a co-sponsor of Brain It On 2021, an online summit from the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement and HFC (co-founded by Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen!) They are joining forces to bring together brain health experts, celebrity advocates, and more to equip you with ways to live a brain healthy…

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Emily Allen and the AARP Foundation: Tackling senior poverty and empowering vulnerable older adults

Emily Allen

Emily Allen, Senior Vice President of Programs for the AARP Foundation, joins the show. She talks about tackling senior poverty by sparking bold, innovative solutions that help vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness. Show notes + discussion guide: Emily’s story and background Mission and purpose of AARP Foundation: tackling senior poverty by…

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Stunting: The First One Thousand Days


After donating roughly $14,000 towards hunger relief efforts in 2020, I realized I didn’t know enough about this issue, understood the real scope of the problem, or grasped the true roadblocks that make solving food insecurity difficult. My goal this year is to dive into learning and understanding more about the issue. As to our…

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