#ChicagoStrong: Our campaign for Chicago’s future!

Chicago Strong

This campaign has its roots in several places, but if I’m being honest, it comes from a deep frustration with how our fine city is portrayed in the national news.

There’s no sugarcoating that Chicago has challenges: crime, budgetary issues from generations of political financial mismanagement, and severe economic distress from the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant economic recession.

But like many, many times in its past, Chicago will come back. Stronger, better, more resilient, and ready to face its bright future.

We stand ready to be (co)leaders in the community-wide effort. In fact, we feel honored to have built a platform to play even a small role in Chicago’s revitalization. And we’re yearning to dig in and get our hands dirty.

“She is always a novelty; For she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.”


That’s why we’re launching this campaign: #ChicagoStrong. But please note: this isn’t a short-term project. This will become a lifelong project. Chicago will come back, but it will always need leaders and partners such as yourself to make Gotham City a thriving metropolis.

What kinds of programs will we support? For one, our amazing heritage: things like our parks, ongoing (and necessary) historical restoration, our museums, and the arts.

But most importantly, we’ll support our people. We’ll do this by investing in programs that build a brighter future for Chicago’s finest: literacy programs, first responders, entrepreneurs, and cultural pioneers.

We’ll do podcasts on The Foundation Podcast…and on the show from time to time we’ll showcase some of Chicago’s most interesting and vibrant leaders.

When the city nearly burned to the ground in 1871, there immediately began one of the most inspiring municipal comebacks in the history of mankind.

Chicago can do it again. The spirit of its people, combined with the pulse of this city demonstrate that when committed, we can do most anything.

To date, the work of this foundation has yielded opportunities to collaborate with many of Chicago’s finest organizations already providing life-changing service to both the people and the city.

Through this #ChicagoStrong campaign, we look forward to further supporting this important work, these necessary causes, and shining a light on the efforts of our devoted citizens. This is our kind of town, Chicago is. Join and support us below!