Keys to daily survival / by Todd Schnick

I recently jotted down this list one morning, as I was thinking ahead towards my day. This is a simple checklist how I get through the day in a way that leaves me content and ready to rest. If I achieve these things, I’m positioned to have a pretty fine and successful day:

1. Empathy – being empathetic will prepare you to understand nearly every situation and individual you interact with.

2. Agility – things will change, plans will unfold not as you expect – you have to be able to adapt.

3. Patience – shit will hit the fan. You’ve got to smile and roll with it.

4. Movement – movement generates momentum, both physical and mental.

5. Make – create something, don’t just consume.

6. Quiet time – even in a busy day, you need to make time for yourself, to both reflect and find peace (especially in this crazy world).

7. Direction – do you know where you want to go?

8. Fuel – you’ve got to feed yourself both good food and new learnings.

9. Touch – you need to connect with another human being, we’re wired for it.

10. Rest – did you get your eight hours?

11. Give – do something for someone or something, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.