Do the good right in front of you

I’m exhausted…for I’ve spent days trying to comprehend what’s happening globally, let alone what’s happening nationally.

I can’t keep up with the latest news…elections here, wars there, protests “against” here, rallies “in support” there, economic miracles here, genocidal disasters there. It’s all too much. And it never ends.

Oh, my news apps and all the news and cable channels try to keep me “informed,” but that only adds to the noise and confusion, let alone deciphering their political spin.

And to be honest, I can’t even get a handle on what my family is doing across town, let alone in the next room. 😉

No, I can only fall back on the sound advice that’s been offered for a long, long time, dating way back to the Stoics: focus on what you can control.

This advice is so, so practical and seemingly so obvious, that most people see it as cliché, silly, and stupid.

What a shame. Because this counsel is so obvious, it’s brilliant. Over my 50+ years on this Earth, it took me until this past year to realize that “all I can do is all I can do.”

I cannot will mankind into doing the right things, saying the right things, adopting the right behaviors, and becoming skilled at humanity.

But “all I can do” is actually a lot. And that’s actually a great thing, once you realize it. And if what we do here at the foundation is inspire JUST one of you to do something good on behalf of another, then we have succeeded.

No, I can’t (and won’t even try) to figure out the world. What I can do is “Do the good right in front of me.”

And if enough of us think and act that way, that’s when we will begin to change and impact things…and that’s all that truly matters.

Donate now, or volunteer now. Or join our mailing list. This is how it begins…but do something.