Feel the burn: Working to build a movement!

As of this writing, I am inspired by Bernie Sanders’s fundraising prowess.

Sanders has refused to take large political donations, PAC money, Wall Street money, etc, and is instead relying on small donations from everyday people like you and me.

And he’s outraised, by far, all the other Democrat candidates for president, and has more cash on hand, than anyone. Just goes to show that there is power in a movement, powered by many.

So, how does The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation tap into this zeitgeist? How do we rally hundreds, someday thousands, of small donations to our causes and projects?

That, I can promise, will be part of the ongoing work we do here: to learn how to mobilize the many.

One way to help us, with a small donation, is to become a Sustaining Partner, for just $20.20! 100% of your donation will go towards our projects and campaigns to benefit animals and people in need!


Will it be more awareness? Will it be better technology? Will it be more effective use of social media tools? Will it be the result of more effective public relations efforts?

I suspect it will be parts of all of the above. But…I think there is still one key element that makes this work:

And that’s YOU! We need leaders, we need people to not only jump on the bandwagon, but BE the bandwagon. We need others to take a leadership role with us.

But that’s easier said than done. These days, people are distracted: by families, by media, by work, and by the dozens of other causes that perhaps inspire them as well. We have to make our work, our projects, our campaigns, meaningful enough to inspire a conscious decision to take direct action.

So far, we have fallen short. Oh sure, we’re making slow and steady progress with our initial campaigns, but things aren’t happening at the pace we want. We’re getting a lot of interest, but at this stage we’re getting more prayers than donations and volunteers.

We promise to continue doing the research, the work, and the observation of what happens to others seeking this kind of engagement, and will ultimately learn how to bring it to our foundation. It will be an exciting day when that tipping point is reached.

Until then, we’ll just have fun seeking the answers!

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