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We are building awareness, raising financial resources, and advocating for causes we care deeply about, including (and not limited to) supporting dementia and caregivers and families, literacy, and animal rescue. We are a Chicago-based foundation, and together we will act globally.

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Jun 2 2020

Keys to daily survival / by Todd Schnick

I recently jotted down this list one morning, as I was thinking ahead towards my day. This is a simple checklist how I get through the day in a way that leaves me content and ready to rest. If I achieve these things, I’m positioned to have a pretty fine and successful day: 1. Empathy…



"Thank you so much again! You guys did an amazing job for us and for Bheem (the puppy)! We are so grateful and you guys are amazing for doing this! So thank you thank you!"

Ashley Feck
Animal House Shelter, Huntley, IL

"Thank you so much for choosing to support our foundation and our efforts to support our first responders during these trying times."

Logan Allison
Gary Sinise Foundation

"Thank you for your initiative and commitment."

Janea Boyles

"Todd and Stephanie Schnick have created this foundation to serve the very things they are passionate about...Alzheimer's, animals, and education, by working to make all lives better!"

Sissy Long

"Love what Todd & Stephanie Schnick are doing to benefit families facing Alzheimer’s."

Rayanne Thorn Krueger

"Looking forward to see all the incredible work this family foundation will support. They have hearts of gold and will do amazing things!!"

Mary Lynn Ulch

"They are very thoughtful and caring people."

Judith Rokop