Help us help Bheem the Puppy walk again!

In Hindi, Bheem means “mighty,” and that he is! Bheem has had a heartbreaking, gut wrenching beginning. He lost both of his front paws after being run over by a train at the tender age of just eight weeks while living on the streets in India.

When Bheem was eight months old, Animal House Shelter (“AHS”) located in Huntley, IL, coordinated with Stray Dog Support, Inc., to bring Bheem to the US from India so that they could provide him with much needed medical care (he had had none prior).

Once he arrived in Illinois, AHS got to work. Bheem had his first surgery on 12.26.19 to remove additional bone on his forelimb where it had started to heal incorrectly after the accident. The cost for that surgery was $2,800. He had surgery on his other forelimb on 01.30.20 for an additional $2,800.

His right limb has hope for a prosthetic to be fitted, and if it’s possible, will cost $3,500. His left limb does not have enough bone mass left to be fitted for a prosthetic, so at best we hope he is able to be a three-legged dog. If he doesn’t take to the prosthetic, AHS will fit him with a cart to help him regain some mobility.

Despite the pain and trauma, Bheem has an amazing personality. He does not know he is disabled, is super sweet, and is great with other dogs, people, and kids. He even uses other dogs to help him walk by putting his stumps up on their backs. ❤️Bheem is currently in foster care with a loving family who is working hard to support this special needs boy.

Bheem just wants to be a happy-go-lucky puppy, and we are here to help him!

Our goal is to raise $5,600 to cover Bheem’s surgeries. This will cover the costs of both surgeries, his prosthetic or cart, and his adoption fee. As of 02.27.20 we’ve raised $4,603, which means that we’ve covered his first surgery and are well on our way to funding the second!

100% of your donations go directly to Bheem and are tax-deductible. PLEASE DONATE and help us help Bheem find his happily ever after! ❤️❤️❤️