How you can volunteer and help support our foundation!


We are often asked “How can I help?” Or, “What can I do to support the foundation?” and, “I want to volunteer. What can I do?”

Well, here are the answers!

  1. Donate.
  2. Provide names of others (individuals and companies) that can also donate. Email names here!
  3. Join the mailing list to stay informed!
  4. Invite others to join the mailing list. Send them this link (copy and paste) — —
  5. Join our Facebook page.
  6. Share our Facebook posts to your page.
  7. Invite others to join our Facebook page.
  8. Join our LinkedIn page.
  9. Share our posts to your LinkedIn page.
  10. Invite others to join our LinkedIn page.
  11. Follow our Instagram page!
  12. Share our Instagram posts to your Stories.
  13. Invite others to follow our Instagram page.
  14. Promote a meme from our GALLERY page.
  15. Know a reporter at your local paper that is interested in our kind of work? We’d love a referral to connect with them!
  16. Share a link to THIS page with others.

Thank you for your interest in working with us, and for becoming a partner in our mission and purpose. We are grateful to have you!

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