Join us in supporting the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement!

Alzheimer’s disease impacts women disproportionately; two-thirds of currently diagnosed individuals and 60% of Alzheimer’s disease caregivers are women.

My paternal grandmother, Georgia Lloyd, died from Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 90, and Todd’s mother, Patricia Schnick, was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 72. Pat resides in a memory care community near us in Chicago.

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (WAM) was established in 2018 by Maria Shriver and fellow Alzheimer’s advocate, Larry Ruzo, with the idea of creating the world’s first Alzheimer’s prevention center for women at the Cleveland Clinic. It opened this month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center offers the nation’s first women-specific center for Alzheimer’s disease prevention, research, and caregiving support.

The center offers women a comprehensive online, lab-based, and in-person assessment of Alzheimer’s risk, and personalized lifestyle recommendations from a medical doctor and a psychologist with advanced training in Alzheimer’s disease. They also offer optional diet and exercise classes.

The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center is a U.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization; a three-year pilot clinic that is 100% philanthropically supported.

In honor of my grandmother and Todd’s mother, we are choosing to support this organization in hopes of helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease for as many women as possible going forward.

Please join us in supporting this movement, and DONATE! Our goal is to raise $2,500, and the Schnick Family Foundation will match the first $2,500 of your contributions!