Joshua Becker, The Foundation Podcast Interview

Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker will tell you to seek significance, not just happiness, and that simplifying your life enables you to be free to do good works. He is a writer, author, and philanthropist. He has written several best-selling books, publishes Becoming Minimalist, and founded The Hope Effect.

A thrill to have my friend on the podcast. Joshua has been one of the leading voices of the minimalism movement for about ten years. But with today’s conversation, we talk about our shared commitment to leading non-profits. Owning fewer things is a worthy goal in and of itself, but freeing up your mind and heart to truly focus on serving others is how one can achieve both significance AND happiness. Enjoy the conversation!

Discussion Guide / Notes from the conversation:

We lead off with a discussion of The Hope Effect, the non-profit that Joshua founded, and why. They work so that someday every orphan can live in a loving family environment, and thrive.

At the time we recorded this podcast, the world was deep into the COVID-19 quarantine. So, we discussed the power of minimalism during these confusing and uncertain times.

As only he can, Joshua reviews for us what the minimalism movement is truly about.

In a recent discussion around his latest book, The Minimalist Home, we talked about, through simpler living and minimalism, that one could arrive at a headspace that opens one up to do their truly important work. For both Joshua and myself, that resulted in founding our respective non-profits. What can it mean for you?

Joshua also mentioned his latest project, an app called ClutterFree.

Joshua tackles The Lightning Round: One, what is the biggest challenge/problem facing us, but one that we can solve if we commit to doing it? Two, what is ONE THING that people listening to this show can do RIGHT NOW to affect positive change on the world? Three, what is ONE THING you want people to learn more about, and how to they do that (read a book, watch a documentary, watch a video)? And four, who is ONE PERSON you want people to start paying attention to, and why?