Kristi Yamaguchi: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Kristi Yamaguchi

You know about Kristi Yamaguchi’s Olympic gold medal. You know about her winning Dancing With The Stars. But you’ll soon know all about her Always Dream Foundation too! You’ll also learn some of her gold medal winning strategies for thriving in today’s challenging times! Enjoy!

Notes + Discussion Guide:

– Kristi Yamaguchi’s background and story: 1992 Olympic Gold Medal; 2X World Champion; Dancing With The Stars, Season Six; Husband + children; Always Dream Foundation

– The mission and purpose of Always Dream Foundation, which ensures children from low-income families have access to high-quality books in the home environment and extensive family engagement support!

– Why she founded the foundation, and what problem was it helping to solve?

– Talk more about literacy, which we believe it’s the foundational problem that affects all of humanity. Some facts provided by Always Dream: 60% of low-income households do not have access to age-appropriate reading materials. Fewer that 50% of children are read aloud to by a family member every day. Children not reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. Finally, those without high school diplomas are seven times more likely to live in poverty as adults.

– Why did YOU do this…what with all you’ve already accomplished?

– Your literacy program is so relevant and important during this challenging time, can you speak to supporting families during the pandemic?

– How does Always Dream actually work: Orientation (receive tablet), access to digital library, book coach, parent education and support, family engagement and accountability, community impact, and finally, graduation!

– I’m hoping this will inspire others to do good works – how can we/do you inspire others?

– How can people support Always Dream?

– Shifting to 2020 and these challenging times, let’s talk about attaining the heart of a champion…

– Due to the pandemic and all that that implies, people are stressed, frustrated, and hopeless. What is your advice on how to battle through it?

“Don’t be afraid of hard work…”

– The real joy is in the work, the journey…not necessarily just climbing up on the winner’s podium…

– To achieve what you’ve achieved, you had to leverage a strong mindset and discipline. How can us mere mortals begin to improve here?

– What’s next for Kristi Yamaguchi (and the foundation)?