One thing you should do in crazy times

As of this writing, we are living in crazy, crazy times: Economic distress, a raging and never-ending pandemic, venomous political polarization, and rampant out-of-control media fanning the flames.

It is enough to drive pure desperation, hopelessness, and anger. You are left feeling like there is no viable path forward to a normal, happy life.

But you are wrong. There is one thing YOU can do right now. And that’s to actively get behind a local nonprofit!

Now, I am not talking about supporting us. Presumably, if you are reading this, you are likely already a donor or at least aware of the work we do.

No, I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness local nonprofit, striving to do good works in your very own neighborhood.

And I’m not talking about national gigs like the Alzheimer’s Association, Red Cross, or the American Cancer Society, no.

I’m talking LOCAL.

There are likely dozens of small, unknown, tight-budgeted nonprofits working right under your nose…organizations that NO ONE knows about. They get no publicity, they have very limited budgets, and they are probably really suffering in these tough economic times.

They need YOU now!

Get behind one now. Financially support them (any amount will be welcome), volunteer for them, help spread their story, talk about them on social media (instead of bitching about and Monday-morning quarterbacking our politics).

This will improve your mindset, I promise. This will take your mind off the political wingnuts yapping on either side of the aisle, and it will reconnect you with your community.

This is the salve you need right now. People in your neighborhood need you. They need your engagement. They need your leadership.

For one moment, stop feeling angry or helpless. Decide right now to dive into this little project, and I promise, you will feel better and do some good in the world.