Peter Bregman: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman joins the show to share one simple strategy that will radically improve your productivity and focus, once and for all. Peter is an executive coach, best-selling author, and founder + CEO of Bregman Partners.

Notes + Discussion Guide:

– One morning, I stumbled upon a Peter Bregman article in the Harvard Business Review that completely changed my thinking and approach to managing my TO DO list. I immediately reached out to him to invite him to the show to share this strategy. This is that podcast.

– The article –> Your To-Do List Is, in Fact, Too Long (Harvard Business Review, 11 August 2020)

– In the interview, Peter leads off by explaining what we are doing WRONG with managing our TO DO list. Then he explains what we TRY to do to fix it, but fail to actually do so.

– Next, he shares his ONE-THING APPROACH, which we should deploy instead!

– In essence, create a massive action items list of EVERYTHING you have to do (this becomes your memory list). From this, select the ONE THING you will focus on next.

– The key to success: ONLY one thing, and don’t move on until it is DONE.

– Second key to success: Make the one thing manageable. It can’t be, “write a book.” It must a substantive task that you can complete in ONE SITTING.

– Through the lense of emotional courage, he share some counsel on how we can survive and thrive through these challenging times…

– Peter also drops a hint about his upcoming book, which sounds fascinating!