Peter Shankman: The Foundation Podcast Interview

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks, which is to keep going, listen to the wind, and to create your own future.

Pete is another fellow I can always count on to join the show and give us some fearless thoughts, counsel, and motivation to help get us through these very challenging times…

Notes / Discussion guide:

-About Peter Shankman: Futurist for Epic Marketing, speaker, author, and Iron Man.

-Create your own future. Create your own career. The job you’ll ultimately do probably hasn’t been invented yet.

-“Listen to the wind. Not social media.” (I loved this part of the conversation…)

-“Control your OWN reaction to these situations.”

-The importance of mindset.

-Message to entrepreneurs: Keep going.

-Importance of exercise and movement: Might be the only way to keep your sanity through all of this.

-Biggest lesson learned.

-Keep working on YOU.