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Exciting news to share! The Todd & Stephanie Schnick Foundation are in the early developmental stages of creating our own scholarships and internships! We’re excited at the chance to offer more opportunities for disadvantaged youth to pursue and fulfill their dreams and aspirations!

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Foundation To Be Named Later / Schnick Foundation / Peter Gammons College Scholarships

In collaboration with The Foundation To Be Named Later (co-founded by former Red Sox and Cubs executive Theo Epstein) and Peter Gammons Scholars, we are in the preliminary stages of creating scholarships to invest in the next generation of leaders, for the 2022-23 school year. The nomination/application process will begin Spring, 2022!

We’ll send deserving young people who have overcome tremendous obstacles, have high financial needs, and a proven record of service to others, to the college of their choice! Our scholars are eligible for a 4-year scholarship that pays their tuition gaps, gives them a caring adult mentor, a laptop, provides leadership training, financial counseling, and other special opportunities to help them reach their goals and change the trajectory of their lives.

For our Chicagoland scholarships, we’ll partner with the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, and that organization will make the nominations for the scholarships. We are excited about the opportunity to serve those amazing kids, and provide more opportunities for them to do big things and make their lives extraordinary!

Our initial year one fundraising goal is $16,000 – which will provide between two and four scholarships, depending on the individual needs of the selected applicants. With additional support, we’d love to be able to provide more scholarships. We’ll be pressing hard Fall, 2021 to raise more dollars to expand the program. Wanna help?


Next, we’re in the VERY early stages of working up a series of paid internships with the following organizations: The Art Institute of Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, and Lincoln Park Zoo.

Many young kids, students, and disadvantaged youth yearn for opportunities with iconic institutions such as these, but cannot afford to participate in an internship without pay. We intend to fund some internships so that disadvantaged youth can dive into a passion of theirs, earn a stipend, and more importantly, build an exciting career!

Lincoln Park Zoo – LPZ is in the process of transforming its institutional internship program, improving access to entry-level employment opportunities for women, people of color, and people from low and middle income families, deepening its relationship with Chicago’s historically under-resourced communities. The zoo is committed to training the next generation in the fields of animal welfare, wildlife conservation and science, and environmental learning.

Long term goals (side projects):

  1. One of the central tenants of our support for these scholarships is a focus on providing leadership development training and encouragement. Elements of this are already embedded in the program, but I am keen to do so research and brainstorming with our (soon-to-be-announced) Advisory Committee about innovative ways we can expand this important work.
  2. The kids that are looking to engage with these scholarships are clearly an engaged lot, and looking for opportunities to grow, learn, and excel. I’d love to figure out a way to supplement our support, and their efforts, by providing impactful books (and potentially other resources) as gifts to encourage and support their ongoing efforts.

Where do we go from here?

We are still at the very early and formative stages of these projects, so one cannot formally make application for them at this time. We are hoping that our internships will be ready for Summer, 2022, and the scholarships be ready for the 2022-23 school year!

Be certain to bookmark this post, as all updates on our progress will be first reported here.

For now, send an email here to ask any questions about the scholarships and internships, or about helping to sponsor them (and enabling us to offer more)!

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