Shedd Aquarium: Project notes + updates

Shedd Aquarium

We are thrilled to partner with, and support, Shedd Aquarium! Go here to learn more about this amazing place!

Like you, I use to think a place like this was about dolphin shows and a bunch of really cool-looking fish in large tanks. But as I’ve truly gotten to know this place and its people, I realize it is so much more. We are truly honored to support both their rescue and conservation work.

To date, we have donated $4,500. And you can CLICK HERE to further support our #AnimalRescue work!

2 August 2021 – Attended a Surge Forward VIP reception at Steak 48 restaurant, an event honoring and celebrating VIP supporters of the Surge Forward program, a dedicated community for Earth-friendly living. We are proud to have supported this program with a $1,500 grant. 

Shedd Aquarium
Todd kayaking on the Wild Mile

18 June 2021 – Todd went kayaking on the Chicago River to see their conservation work firsthand. You can get a sense of the floating eco-park behind me in the photo below. This eco-park is helping bring back fish populations in a big way, going from just five native fish species to now over sixty. This is a huge win! Congrats to the Shedd team, feels so good to help support this work. Smiling behind me is John Kinzer, of Shedd Aquarium…

22 March 2021 – Meet Cruz! He’s a 250 pound *blind* sea lion that the Shedd’s team rescued. He was shot by a fisherman in California and brought here to Chicago for rehabilitation and a new life.

As part of our dedication to animal rescue, we got to meet Cruz live and in person today! He’s doing extremely well and performed lots of incredible tricks for us. He even danced! Because this was a special, behind-the-scenes tour, we were asked not to share our photos or video, so I am sharing this one that they provided.

Fun fact: It costs $20,000 to feed a sea lion for one year! ? They eat restaurant quality sushi, basically, and LOTS of it! Other sea lions at the Shedd weigh as much as 500+ pounds!

The Shedd does some amazing rescue, research, and conservation work. The next time you visit Chicago, we highly recommend it!

Shedd Aquarium
Cruz, the sea lion