Charitable Spotlight: Sock Problems, by Ryan Berman

Sock Problems


It was a little over five years ago when I had this idea to use my “super powers” of creativity to try and make a difference. Today, I’m thrilled to be doing my part to make a dent in some of the world’s largest problems with my altruistic sock company Sock Problems

The goal is simple: sock a few problems in the world with cause-centered socks. 

Not only will our socks feel great on your feet — we think it’ll feel good on your mind, heart and soul too.  We’re bringing forward fun, lighthearted designs to try and unite those coping with heavy issues like Breast Cancer, Inequality, Climate Change or Hate.  

Each one of our socks is directly connected to a cause and charity. We give targeted cash back (25% of every purchase) back to our selected charity partners. The partners we’ve chosen are modern day leaders in their category who have excellent financial, transparency and accountability scores regarding how they use donations. We know this because we partnered with the intelligence-giving tracking leader Charity Navigator.

Finally, it’s important to note that every decision we make runs through our 4 core values. Now, if you knew me before this, this comes as no surprise. If we’ve never met, then you’ll find me saying something like, “if you don’t know what you stand for, how do you know when to take a stand”?

Sock Problems values: 1) Transparency, 2) Giving, 3) Playfulness, 4) Conquering. If you wanted more details as to why we chose those four, they are listed on our website. 

If you made it this far, then thank you! I hope you’ll consider being ‘two feet in’ with us as we try to sock a few problems in the world.

‘Care. Wear. Share.’

RYAN BERMAN is the founder of Courageous: a change company that develops Courage Brands™ and trains organizations to challenge norms, think bolder and take action on courageous ideas. Working with brands like Google, General Mills, Major League Baseball, PUMA, charity: water, Subway, and Caesars Entertainment, Ryan believes courage is a competitive advantage. Berman is the founder of his own Courage Brand: Sock Problems — an altruistic sock company “socking” problems in the world.

Sock Problems