Stacy Huston and SixDegrees.Org: Amplifying the charitable work of others!

Stacy Huston

Actor Kevin Bacon was inspired to name his foundation after the game about connection..just one of the many inspiring stories shared by Stacy Huston of SixDegrees.Org, which is using everyday activities to connect people and causes.

Notes + Discussion Guide:

– Overview of the mission and purpose of Six Degrees.Org

– Founded by actor and musician Kevin Bacon, we discuss the history/story behind the name and why he wanted to launch a foundation. You certainly remember the game!

– Stacy talks about how she came to meet Kevin and become Executive Director of SixDegrees.Org…

– What is Kevin’s day-to-day involvement in the work, for he doesn’t seem to be simply a name for the letterhead…

– The main goal: amplifying local grassroots charities, as well as larger charities that are working on the community level…

– Stacy shares her own personal mission statement, and explains why she thinks local charities are so, so vital…

– The “I Stay At Home For” campaign – global impact!

– The “I Feed The Front” campaign – 100K raised for first responders and small business support!

– We’re in the midst of a very important national dialog around race, and with all these social justice movements happening, Stacy explains where the work of SixDegrees.Org fits into that puzzle…

– Looking ahead, some hints about what’s next for Six Degrees.Org?

Stacy with the Bacon Brothers!

STACY HUSTON is the Executive Director of Sixdegrees.Org, a charity founded by Actor, Musician and Philanthropist Kevin Bacon.  SixDegrees amplifies the work of grassroots nonprofits that are often overlooked while they are doing extraordinary work at the local level. Ms. Huston is also the co-founder and Executive Producer for TEDxTysons, an independently organized TED event outside of Washington DC where she lives with her husband Daniel and 8 month old daughter Abigail. 

Stacy Huston

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  1. […] As part of the PLAY ON team, our foundation will be joining forces with Kevin Bacon (producer) and his foundation, SIX DEGREES.ORG (key organizing body). They money we raise, of which 100% will donated to PLAY ON, will be submitted through Six Degrees. We’re really looking forward to working with both Kevin Bacon and Stacy Huston (whom you may recall we have showcased on our podcast). […]