Union League Boys & Girls Clubs: Project notes + updates

Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

We’re thrilled to support the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, enabling all young people, especially those who need them most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The ULBGC is committed to developing and inspiring the next generation of American leaders, with programming falling into these core program areas: academic success, healthy lifestyles, good character and citizenship, and leadership development.

To date, we’ve invested $7,500 in ULBGC. CLICK HERE to join us in supporting this amazing organization!

28 February 2022 – Todd got the wonderful opportunity to be a judge for the ULBGC’s annual Youth of the Year event. Our nominees were truly inspiring young adults, facing almost every conceivable challenge, from hunger, gun violence, COVID-19 to name a few, and yet, they still passionately and hopefully move forward to make an impact both on themselves personally, but towards the greater community as well. These kids moved us, in a big way…

4 February 2022 – Todd brokered a meeting between ULBGC and the head of the Chicago office of AARP Foundation’s Experience Corps. It felt like the two programs were a perfect fit, and the meeting went better than expected, for a pilot project is in the works. Experience Corps recruits retired senior citizens and places them in schools to tutor and mentor kids struggling with their reading. With this pilot project, EC will place volunteers in three ULBGC clubs to tutor and mentor kids who need help. Todd couldn’t be happier. We’ll report on this as the pilot develops!

At a ribbon cutting for three new clubs in Chicago’s southwest side!

14 November 2021 – Through our support, we provide a safe place for more than 15,000 members to spend their after-school hours, taking part in enriching, fun, and relevant programs to build great futures.

We help ULBGC offer programs such as Passport to Manhood and SMART Girls, programs tailored to their members in helping fulfill developmental needs, explore personal and societal values, and emphasize character, leadership, and maturation.

We also help build relevant 21st century skills through STEM and Workforce Development programming. Our support allows us to prepare their members for relevant future careers and ensures they have the tools they need to succeed in work and life.

6 November 2021 – Todd and Stephanie had the pleasure to attend the ULBGC’s 44th Annual Gala, “Leaders In The Making.” It was a wonderful, inspiring night. We’re so very proud to support this fine organization. And, we may have pledged additional support for both their hunger relief and literacy-support programming to benefit the 15,000 kids we are serving!

28 October 2021 – Todd had the honor to attend the ribbon cutting for one of the ULBGC’s clubs, Air Force Club. Captain Tibbett, the school’s principal, the local Alderman, and others provided an emotional ceremony to this new gem of a club. Several kids from the club were present to welcome and guide us around the school for a tour. As you can see below, they have several actual flight simulators that our kids can access. Talk about fueling kid’s dreams! Wow, what a day!

20 September 2021 – Todd participated in his first committee meeting as a trustee, with a broad discussion around advancing a mentoring, advisory, and coaching element to the ULBGC’s Youth of the Year event. We remain strong advocates to do as much as we can to spend quality time with these kids to get them further along that path to a great life!

16 September 2021 – Todd had the pleasure to spend some time with Mr. Terry Hendrickson. Terry is a long-time trustee of ULBGC, a former President of the Union League Club, and currently the chairman of the ULBGC Scholarship Committee. To be frank, not a lot of business was discussed, but first over cigars and then dinner, friendships were developed. In addition to serving these kids who need us, time spent with good people will be the great reward for time spent with the ULBGC!

14 September 2021 – We’ve purchased art books for all nineteen ULBGC clubs! The Ultimate Art Museum, by Phaidon Publishing, is targeted at kids from eight to fourteen years of age. The goal in putting a copy of this book in each club is to inspire kids to get interested in art and art history, and to develop an appreciation for art and for museums! And if we get enough kids interested as a result, we’ll attempt to organize an excursion to the Art Institute of Chicago! Finally, a big shout out to Phaidon Publishing for supporting the project by covering 50% of the costs! Appreciate your support!

2 September 2021 – Todd attended his first Board of Trustees Meeting! And he got to address the board with some welcome remarks, which was nice. What a group of amazing people, people you might expect, that are pillars of the community and used to achieving big things. It will do us good to hang with people such as this!

31 August 2021 – The Union League Boys & Girls Clubs agreed today to partner with the foundation on our Schnick Foundation scholarships! In partnering, the ULBGC will nominate kids from its nineteen clubs for the college scholarships. CLICK HERE for more details!

5 August 2021 – The ULBGC Executive Committee and Board of Trustees approved Todd’s nomination to become a member of the ULBGC Board of Trustees.